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ContractCrab is at the forefront of contract management innovation, leveraging advanced AI use case to simplify the complexities of legal documents. This cutting-edge solution is designed to analyze, condense, and clarify contracts, making them easier to understand without compromising legal accuracy.

By identifying key clauses and eliminating redundancies, ContractCrab offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface that significantly reduces the time spent on contract review.

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ContractCrab initially relied on AI APIs from well-known AI providers to power its ai service. However, the company faced significant challenges related to high latency and the costly nature of these API requests.

These issues not only affected the speed and efficiency of the service but also imposed a heavy financial burden on the company, hindering its ability to deliver optimal contract management solutions to its users.


To address these challenges, ContractCrab turned to AIML API, a versatile platform provided access to over 100 AI generative models through a single API. This switch significantly reduced latency and operational costs, enabling ContractCrab to enhance its service.

The AIML API's low latency, 24/7 accessibility, and cost-effectiveness allowed ContractCrab to save up to 50% on expenses previously incurred with other AI providers. This strategic move empowered ContractCrab to leverage advanced AI capabilities to refine and expedite their contract management processes.


By transitioning to AIML API, ContractCrab was able to dramatically reduce its operational costs and improve the quality of its service. The lower latency and enhanced AI capabilities provided by AIML API allowed for faster, more accurate analysis and processing of contracts.

The ContractCrab team commented, "Thanks to AIML API, we've managed to cut down our costs significantly while stepping up our service game. Now, we can offer our clients the top-notch, efficient contract management solutions they really need."

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Client Overview


TurboDoc is an AI-powered tool designed to extract and organize data from unstructured invoices. This tool is designed to seamlessly extract and catalog data from unstructured invoice formats, streamlining the analysis of enterprise data.


TurboDoc's intelligent invoice data extraction capabilities relied on inefficient legacy AI providers. Their proprietary models were exorbitantly expensive per API call and latency exceeded 500ms per request.

As TurboDoc's customer base grew, heightened demand strained their API budget and slowed document processing times. Poor scalability choked growth and hindered their ability to expand to new markets. The legacy providers also imposed restrictive terms that prohibited caching responses or using extracted data to improve TurboDoc's internal ML models.

Turbodoc home page


After rigorous benchmarking, TurboDoc selected AIML API as their new AI backend. AIML API provides instant access to an extensive AI model catalog with flexible consumption options. By leveraging usage-based pricing starting at just $0.0004 per call, TurboDoc reduced monthly AI costs by over 65%.

AIML API's low-latency global infrastructure slashed document processing times down from 500ms to 50ms. The speed improvements significantly enhanced customer experience while allowing 2-3x more documents to be processed concurrently. Unlike prior solutions, AIML API's permissive terms enabled TurboDoc to cache extractions and fine-tune proprietary AI generative models.


Since fully integrating AIML API six months ago, TurboDoc has seen transformational business growth. Monthly active users have tripled as faster processing and expanded capacity attracted more customers. Margins improved from 5% to 18% due to the extreme savings from AIML API's disruptive pricing model. Customer satisfaction rates increased by 25% as users benefit from faster and more accurate invoice information extraction.

"By making the switch to AIML API, we've drastically cut our operating expenses and boosted the quality of our services. This has allowed us to offer our customers quicker, more precise invoice processing solutions that they truly value." says TurboDoc.

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Client Overview


Posipanda use case provides an AI-enabled application to monitor team communication sentiment and promote positive interactions. Their app analyzes chat data to deliver actionable insights for improving company culture.

Posipanda.com home page


Posipanda initially leveraged inflexible Open AI api to analyze chat data. High costs per API call made it difficult to scale users cost-effectively. Meanwhile, inconsistent response times over 800ms frustrated customers awaiting analysis reports.

Tight vendor restrictions also blocked Posipanda from caching insights to minimize costs. Lacking the budget and latency tools to match rising customer demand, Posipanda saw churn increase 10% monthly as customers left for cheaper tools with quicker insights.


To address these issues, Posipanda adopted AIML API for its conversational AI. AIML API provided an affordable usage-based pricing model at just $0.0005 per call. Our global low-latency architecture also delivered response times under 100ms - cutting latency by over 87%.

AIML API’s permissive terms enabled Posipanda to cache insights without restrictions, reducing average monthly costs by 35%. With AIML API, Posipanda could finally scale affordably while meeting customer demand for fast and insightful analysis.


Since adopting AIML API, Posipanda has increased customer satisfaction by 29% thanks to more affordable pricing and faster turnaround on analysis reports. Meanwhile, Posipanda has doubled its customer base while improving margins by 41%. Insight caching has minimized costs, allowing Posipanda to introduce premium features like customizable thresholds and slack integration.

Having resolved previous pain points, the company is continuing its upwards trajectory - expecting to triple recurring revenue within a year of switching to AIML API. As the Posipanda noted, “AIML API turned out to be the rocket fuel we needed, giving us the push to ramp up our analysis capabilities without breaking the bank. It was a game-changer for us!"

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Client Overview


Bagoodex revolutionizes internet searching by blending AI with privacy. As an innovative search engine, it aims to simplify information retrieval in the digital age while prioritizing user privacy. Bagoodex stands out by delivering precise, AI-powered search results, offering a unique, personalized web navigation experience without tracking users. It's an AI-driven companion that respects privacy, making information access faster and safer for everyone.

Bagoodex.com main page


Initially utilizing OpenAI Bagoodex faced challenges with latency and the rising costs of AI API requests, impacting service delivery and financial sustainability. As user numbers grew, so did the need for a cost-effective, efficient solution that could maintain privacy without compromising on search quality. This situation underscored the need for a more sustainable, efficient solution that could scale with Bagoodex's growing demands while maintaining the core promise of privacy and precision in search results.

Finding the right balance between advanced AI capabilities and robust privacy measures presented a unique challenge. Initially, Bagoodex leveraged OpenAI technologies to jumpstart their service, taking advantage of their powerful AI and machine learning capabilities to enhance search functionalities. However, as the platform's user base expanded, recurrent issues with latency and the escalating costs associated with API requests began to emerge.


Recognizing the need to address the high costs and latency issues experienced with previous AI technologies, Bagoodex opted to integrate the AIML API into their platform.

"We transitioned to using AIML API, which offered us similar functionalities at a much lower cost, significantly reducing our operational expenses and improving the speed at which user queries were processed," Bagoodex highlights.

The decision to utilize the Mixtral 7B model, hosted on remote servers, further addressed the concerns over data and request security, ensuring user data remained protected while maintaining high-quality service delivery.

"This strategic move not only enhanced our efficiency but also solidified our commitment to privacy and security, leveraging advanced AI capabilities without compromising on our core values," Bagoodex concludes.


Bagoodex showcases the power of integrating AI with strong privacy measures to offer a revolutionary search experience. By addressing challenges with innovative solutions, Bagoodex enhances user interactions with the digital world, ensuring efficient, personalized, and secure searches.

Its commitment to privacy and AI innovation sets a new standard in internet search, demonstrating that it's possible to have powerful low latency search tools without compromising user privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial. You can claim your free trial by getting an API key on the website.

How do you compare to OpenAI?

AI/ML API, a nimble and dynamic tech company, delivers top AI models at reasonable rates. Beyond offering more privacy and lower costs compared to OpenAI, we impose fewer usage restrictions and provide a variety of features and models unavailable from OpenAI.

Do you offer team accounts?

We do not currently offer team accounts, but it's on our roadmap as a highly requested feature from customers like yourself.
As AIML API grows, we are prioritizing upgrades that will allow for more collaborative use cases. We understand that many businesses need to provision API access at a team or company level.

How does AIML API work?

AIML API makes it easy to integrate powerful AI into any application. We provide access to over 100 machine learning models through a single API endpoint.Our platform handles all the complexity of AI behind the scenes so you can focus on building.
There's no need to orchestrate multiple APIs or manage complex deployments. Just a few lines of code unlocks state-of-the-art models tailored to your specific use case - whether it's language processing, computer vision, prediction, and more.

How AIML API addresses security?

Maintaining robust security is central to everything we do at AIML API. We take a multi-layered approach to ensure your data remains protected:
Data Encryption - All communication with our API is encrypted via SSL/TLS to prevent unauthorized access or modification of data during transit.
Secure Infrastructure - Our systems are hosted on secure cloud infrastructure, protected by firewalls, threat detection, and regular patching.
Audit Logs - Detailed logs provide full accountability on all API requests, model usage, and user activity on our platform.

Mixtral/Stable/Llama - do you have a list anywhere?

We will launch with these 3, as people are using Mixtral, LLaMA and SD very actively, then we will ask community which ones to add on the way. We would be able to add models pretty quickly.