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Best Top Performing LLMs of 2024



Meta has developed and launched the Meta Llama 3 family, featuring a series of pre-trained and instruction-tuned generative text models in both 8B and 70B sizes.

Llama 3 supports a larger context window of up to 8,000 tokens, making it more effective for complex natural language processing tasks in software development. Meta's Llama 3 was trained on a massive dataset of over 15 trillion tokens.
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Meta llama 3 introduction

Extended capabilities

Llama 3 is a great option for researchers and educational developers who want to leverage extensive language models.

Developing with Llama 3

Gain instant access to Meta's Llama 3 through production API: AI/ML API provides direct connectivity via our APIs

Getting started with Meta Llama 3

Visit the AI/ML API Playground to quickly try Llama 3 directly from your workspace.


Chat GPT - 4

Available models in AI/ML API:
GPT-4: Suitable for a wide range of applications requiring high-quality text generation.
GPT-4-Turbo: Ideal for applications where response time is critical.
GPT-4-32k: This version offering extended context windows which is beneficial for tasks requiring deeper understanding of long texts.
GPT-4-32k-0613: Combines the extended context capability of the 32k version with updates from mid-2023.
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Simplified integration process

The AI/ML API provides a unified and easy-to-use interface for accessing the OpenAI API.

Scalable and reliable performance

The AI/ML API includes robust error handling and retry mechanisms, mitigating the impact of potential issues with the underlying OpenAI API.

Efficiency of AI models testing

You can optimize performance and cost by experimenting with multiple LLM models in a single API.


Claude 3

Claude 3 stands as a significant rival to GPT, offering three models—Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus—that prioritize being helpful, honest, harmless, and importantly, safe for enterprise use.
This model strives to surpass earlier versions and competitors, including GPT-4, by excelling in comprehension, speed, multilingual support, and advanced vision features, making it adaptable for a variety of uses.
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Context window: 200K

Upon launch, the Claude 3 series of models will initially provide a 200K context window.

Balanced performance and speed

Positioning it as an excellent option for applications that need both high efficiency and robust capabilities.

Multimodal AI model

As a multimodal model like its counterparts, Cloude 3 can process and analyze both text and image data.

Mistral AI

Mixtral 8x7B and 8x22B

Mistral's Mixtral 8x7B and 8x22B models utilize a range of sub-systems to outperform larger models efficiently. With fewer parameters, these models can operate more quickly or on less powerful hardware while still surpassing competitors like Llama 2 and GPT-3.5 in certain benchmarks.
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Versatility in Applications

This model is crafted to excel in various NLP tasks such as content generation, conversation simulation, and data analysis, demonstrating its versatility and usefulness across multiple domains.

High Performance on Less Power

Provides powerful language processing capabilities while using fewer computational resources compared to other large-scale models.

High levels of accuracy

Perfect for applications requiring high levels of accuracy and detail in task execution, such as automated content generation, data analysis, and personalized recommendations.

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