AI API for No-Code Devs

AI App Development Without A Line Of Code
Simple Integration with OpenAI Compatible API
100+ Model Accessible Out Of The Box

Cost comparison to OpenAI

Seamless Integration

Our OpenAI Compatible API enables effortless integration of advanced AI features into your applications, suitable for any level of coding expertise. Replace your OpenAI key to start using AI/ML API.
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Plug & Play
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Minimal  Effort
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Easy Api Infrastructure
Models community
AI models

Extensive Model Library

Access a vast collection of 100+ curated AI models, including cutting-edge options like Llama and Mistral.
Enjoy significant cost savings up to 80% lower cost and endless possibilities for your project.
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Diverse AI
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Cutting-Edge AI

Rapid Deployment
and Scalability

Enjoy instant access to our API and scale your usage
effortlessly as your needs evolve, ensuring a smooth
and efficient development process.  
User friendly pricing with free starter tokens up to 10M.
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Adaptive Capacity
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Project Expansion
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Rapid deployment

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial. You can claim your free trial by getting an API key Join Discord Community.

What are GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT?

They come with high costs, retain your data, and deny numerous applications not adhering to OpenAI's usage policies. At AI/ML API, we aim to challenge this dominance by offering strong alternatives to GPT-3, such as Alpaca, Mistral, Llama-2, and beyond!

How can I join the AI/ML Discord channel?

The AI/ML API Discord channel is a great way to provide feedback and have direct communication with the team. You can join here.

How do you compare to OpenAI?

AI/ML API, a nimble and dynamic tech company, delivers top AI models at reasonable rates. Beyond offering more privacy and lower costs compared to OpenAI, we impose fewer usage restrictions and provide a variety of features and models unavailable from OpenAI.

What models can users choose for query routing?

Users can select from an array of AI models such as Llama, Mistral, GPT-JT, Yi-6B, Qwen1.5, Nous-Hermes-2, MythoMax, among others. AI/ML API supports
the transferability of user preferences across different models and applications.

What are use cases for AI/ML API?

Explore our client success stories and use cases on
the Use Case page for insights into how our solutions drive results.