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How to Pay for Chat GPT AI API with Cryptocurrencies

Discover the possibilities of using bitcoin and 300+ emerging cryptocurrencies to pay for AI APIs.

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Built For You

AI/ML API is built by developers for developers. We assure quality and stability of commercial-level AI models at the lowest price on the market.

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No servers, No problems

AI/ML API offers best in class Serverless Inference saving you deployment and maintenance costs

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100+ AI Models

Mixtral AI, LLaMA, Stabe Diffusion, Realistic Vision, Falcon and many more AI models ready out of the box

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Simple pricing

We offer flat and predictable pricing, keeping it lowest on the market, making AI API affordable for everyone

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Minimize costs, Maximize result

Spend 80% less to get GPT-4 level of accuracy, enhanced speed, commerical-level throughput and reliability

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OpenAI Compatible API

AI/ML API is compatible with OpenAI API structure, change endpoints and you're all set

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Accessible and Load Ready

We ensure AI/ML API is accessible and runs at top speed every time you make a request

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Access the OpenAI API with Crypto

The AI/ML API provides full compatibility with the OpenAI SDK, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate the OpenAI API into their applications with just a single line of code.


AI Playground with Crypto 

The AI/ML API Playground lets you experiment with 100+ AI models and learn how to configure system messages, change the AI model, and set other LLM parameters.

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Low latency
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Unlimited access
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100+ AI models
Playground AI/ML API
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Get the Anthropic API with Crypto

Claude ai is a versatile family of AI models suitable for various applications. Developers and businesses can access our API to build on our AI infrastructure.


Access the Meta: Llama 3 API with Crypto

Gain instant access to Meta's Llama 3 through production API: AI/ML API using crypto as a payment method.

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