Enterprise-level AI API

Secure, customisable and built to fit your existing infrastructure.

We believe that Enterprise is about Partnership.

With dedicated servers, a personal manager, and priority features, your enterprise gains a competitive edge with AI solutions that scale with your company ambitions.

Dedicated Servers

Uninterrupted Performance. Our enterprise clients benefit from dedicated servers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for mission-critical applications.

Feature Priority

Get early access to the latest AI advancements with feature prioritization that aligns with your strategic goals, keeping you ahead of the technology curve.

Unlimited RPM and TPM

With no cap on requests per minute (RPM) and transactions per minute (TPM), your enterprise can leverage AI capabilities at scale without constraints.

Personal Manager

Receive bespoke support and guidance from a dedicated manager who understands your business objectives and ensures your AI integration is seamless and successful.

Security and Privacy Risks

We prioritise the security and privacy of your data with robust top level security measures, ensuring your data is fully protected with thorough encryption and strict compliance protocols.

Easy Integration

Integrate our API effortlessly into your existing systems. Our platform supports various environments, facilitating a smooth transition and quick deployment.

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Security First, No Compromises

Our platform ensures uncompromised security, giving you peace of mind while integrating AI into your operations.

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No Training on Your Data

Your data remains private and is not used to train models.

Data Encryption

End-to-end encryption of data in transit and at rest.

Advanced Security

Real-time threat detection and proactive cybersecurity defenses.


Affordable Enterprise Solutions

Starting at just $1,000 per month, invest in a solution that grows with you, offering scalable benefits without the burden of unexpected costs.

Cost effective solutions

Tailored Pricing

Flexible pricing models tailored to enterprise needs.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts and long-term contracts available.


Transparent billing with no hidden fees.


Extensive AI Model Library

Our extensive AI model library offers over 200 pre-trained models, encompassing a wide range of functionalities tailored for various industries.

200+ AI models

Diverse Model Selection

Access our comprehensive AI model library, featuring over 200 pre-trained models tailored for diverse industries, ready for immediate deployment.

Optimal Performance

Enhance performance by adapting our models to fit your specific scenarios, using customization features to boost accuracy, efficiency, and relevance.

Continuous Evolution

Stay ahead of the competition with ongoing updates and improvements to our AI models.


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